Flutter : A non-linear construction of adolescence. Following the lives of three sisters, the film confronts a young girl’s first experience with heartbreak. Challenged by the implications of first love and loss, it is up to Kaylin and Olivia to get their sister, Lena through this moment in her life. The bond of sisterhood and growing up are at the forefront of this short film.


Bridget Peterson as Lena
Rachel Keller as Kaylin
Taylor Rose as Olivia
Alex Spieth as Mother

Written and Directed by Chelsea Lupkin
Director of Photography by Robert Figueira
Producer Zoe Westbrook
Costume and Art Direction Madeline Mikkelson 
Original Music by David Grabowski
Sound by Tim Simpson, Matthew Fiorillo, and Allegra Scheinblum
Sound Mixing by Matthew Fiorillo

Special Thanks
Carnegie Mellon University
CMU Film Club
C Todd Brown
& Sydney Lupkin