This is how we define 'Club Loose'

Directing, Cinematography and Editing by Chelsea Lupkin. Graphics by Veronica Ettman

Club Loose Presents 'CRIBS'

Club Loose, a grass roots drifting organization known for producing some of the best drifters in the world, presents their cribs to the public. Want to know where Formula D Champion, Chris Forsberg sleeps naked? Want to know what it's like to live in the 'Shanty Mansion' with Club Loose Cofounder, Matt Petty? Check this shit out.'

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We like to live the luxurious life at Club Loose. Here is a peak into how some of us live it up at the track in a special edition of "Cribs".

DISCLAIMER: This video is a parody of the original "Cribs" TV show. This is a not-for-profit, just for fun, video

Photo by Kevin Johnsrud

Photo by Kevin Johnsrud

East Coast Bash Documentary Directed by Chelsea Lupkin - shot by Chelsea Lupkin and Kevin Johnsrud

Sweet Lou drifts at Club Loose Slay Ride. Drifter Louis Sofia let's us into the world of serious drifting... 

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Club Loose Friday Night Drift Party is a smoky affair. Shot by Kevin Johnsrud and Edited by Chelsea Lupkin