Minute-long shorts are underrated. If you can capture an audience, make them care about your characters, and tell a story in under a minute, a feature film is a piece of cake - you know, aside from getting a budget and people to work on it.  

The concept behind NUTS 4 SHREW was how both modern day and classic love stories can ultimately get the girl. Inspired by my favorite romantic moment in the 1999 film, ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ in which Michael Eckman (David Krumholtz) woes the untouchable and Shakespeare-obsessed Mandella (Susan May Pratt) by speaking in iambic pentameter whilst leaving a Shakespearean dress in her locker. The whole scene is rather ridiculous, but I loved the idea of it and that carried over to my short wherein a young man sees a pretty girl on a Central Park bench and seizes the moment to get her attention by playing out a scene of ‘Taming of the Shrew’ - which she happens to be reading.

Yes, this is my Hitchcock cameo moment.  Photo by Kevin Johnsrud. 

Yes, this is my Hitchcock cameo moment. Photo by Kevin Johnsrud. 

While Katharina gradually finds Petruchio more vile and mad as the original Shakespearean scene plays out, our New York female love interest is slowly being charmed by her pursuers persistence and ability to keep up with her. In the end, she agrees to connect with him on Facebook and give him her number as she should!

Photo by Kevin Johnsrud.

Photo by Kevin Johnsrud.

Directed & Written by - Chelsea Lupkin
Cinematography & Post Production by - John Komar
First Assistant Camera - Thomas Jezik
Sound - Marvin Van Buren
Producer - Kevin Johnsrud

Score by John Komar

David Andrew Laws
April Glick

Photo by Kevin Johnsrud.

Photo by Kevin Johnsrud.