I had a silly idea for a drifting video and I knew Louis "Sweet Lou" Sofia would be just person to go along with my plan.

The idea: I wanted to make a drift video that made fun of all the sports videos out there that make the talent and the sport seem like the coolest thing in the world - complete with some M83 song because Red Bull made that a thing when they released "Art of Flight" in 2011.

Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing movie, but it started a trend for sport videos everywhere. I.e. you had to have a serious interview in the beginning, you needed to use slow-mo at some point, you had to have cool graphics, and you definitely needed to use some cool electronic-inspirational music as your soundtrack.

So what did I do? I asked Sweet Lou to give me a serious interview about his beat up, tin-can drift car. Then I got some sweet B-Roll (you have to make these videos look pretty) and lastly, I got Sweet Lou drifting on the track at Englishtown Raceway park. 

I didn't end up using any slow-mo footage, but I certainly gave myself the option. Suck it, Red Bull.

Finally, I was in post and the real magic happened in the editing room. I sent Sweet Lou clips from his runs on the track and asked him to make the car sounds vocally. Coupled with his serious interview about his car --"a built bottom end and turbo and stuff" -- and M83's infamous song, "Outro", my video turned into a goddamn masterpiece. 

Raphael Orlove, writer/curator at Jalopnik, shared my video to the world of online car enthusiasts and I couldn't be happier with the response Sweet Lou and I received: "Drifting Is Serious Business"

Cheers you nerds!! Go watch my video!!