The first videos I ever made were for the grassroots drifting organization Club Loose. My boyfriend, an engineer by weekday and photographer and driver by weekend, told me to make myself useful and start making drift videos. But at 17, I was a mopey little girl who was just at the track to support my boyfriend. At the time, there was NOTHING FUN about drifting and nothing fun about making lame videos.

But I made a video anyway and my boyfriend was just as surprised as I was when it actually turned out good.

That's when I discovered that I loved filmmaking and drifting (especially when I started filming from inside the car). 

Since I am currently knee deep in post production for another drift video as well as two other short narrative films (I swear, I will share them all soon!), here are a few photos I took on my Nikon FG.

This camera was the first film camera I ever used and it has taught me the fundamentals of shooting both still and video work.

A couple of these drivers and media guys will be in the new drift video, so remember their faces!

... Also, please don't drink and drive golf carts.