Everyone arrived at the Clark Household around 8:30am to unload equipment and set up our first scene of the day.

Thankfully we would be in one location for the duration filming. Since I practically grew up at the Clark’s house to hang out with their son, Ricky, alongside Kevin – the wildcard of the crew – I knew this would be fun. In fact, Kevin and I planned to feed everyone with a barbeque halfway through the day.

Who doesn’t like making movies and barbequing? Exactly.

Our first shot was set up in a small bedroom, which would serve as Edie’s Grandmother’s room. When I say it was small… I mean really small. Our crew could barely fit a 6x6 bounce and still maneuver actors and our cinematographer, Jason, to get our shot. Yet, the room looked right for the film and we made it work like the resourceful indie filmmakers that we all are.

After we wrapped the bedroom, I had to get my scene break down chart – oh, how I love spread sheets now – from the car and immediately ran into our marketing specialist, Toro, who ended up giving the cast and crew lovely goodie bags with ‘Uncovering Eden’ painted on each canvas. It was looking to be a good day, but I was a bit behind schedule and needed to keep moving.

Day 4 of filming only involved characters Edie and Gran, so for my next scene I had Victoria Pedretti and April Woodall staged in the dining area.

In this scene, Edie’s grandmother is telling Edie a little bit about her family. It’s an intimate moment and I wanted the audience to feel like they were stepping into the scene or as if something was being revealed. Camera movement is just as much a part of the story telling as the script, the acting and the editing. That said, I had Jason set up the slider to bring the shot – the audience – into the room with our characters. We then took a number of medium and close up range shots. The effect will add dimension to both the scene and our final edit.


Next we filmed in the living room, where we see Edie working on some homework on the couch. Edie’s grandmother is heard speaking from the other room until she comes into frame. We did a few focus pull shots on Gran and proceeded to film a few medium shots with the 32mm lens.

Did I mention that we were filming with Cooke S4 lenses? They make everything look gorgeous.

Our next set up took place in the kitchen and the scene we were about to film would perhaps be one of the most important in the entire script. Jason initially lit the kitchen with some beautiful soft light, but though it was lovely, it wasn’t dark enough for the mood we needed to create. In this scene an argument takes place and it is the only moment in the script with real straightforward, back-and-forth dialogue. It’s the catalyst moment of the entire story of ‘Uncovering Eden’ and I knew bright and happy lighting wouldn’t cut it. Jason, being the lighting genius that he is, used some negative fill and created the atmosphere we needed. He would later tell me that one of the best directions I gave him, as a director, was to “go darker”. I also wanted some refrigerator glow for when Edie opened the door, but the light inside the fridge wasn’t bright enough. Kevin had the brilliant idea to stick one of our LED Light Panels in the fridge - it worked wonders.


Our final scenes of filming would be emotionally draining for Victoria because of the kind of performance involved. I had Jason film from a lot of interesting angles and Ryan and Erik – our awesome sound guys – were more like ninjas with the boom pole.

The last shot of the day was bitter sweet for me… I felt like I must have missed a scene or there had to be something else I needed to do right away. The whirlwind since the success of my Kickstarter campaign in July to getting to direct the film I wrote all the way back in January, felt unreal. I was numb, sad and elated all at once.

When we finally wrapped, everyone went outside to the Clark’s deck and Kevin attached a contour camera to one of the bottles of champagne he bought for the occasion - hilarity ensued. I discovered that I am terrible at opening champagne bottles and the Clark’s dog, Daisy, is the cutest menace I’ve ever encountered – there’s a ridiculous photo of her biting at Ryan’s ankle in the group photo of the crew.

Day 4 was a success and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the amazing people who worked on this film with me and for the backers who contributed to our project. I had a blast filming ‘Uncovering Eden’ and it solidified even more that directing is my calling and it is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

That’s a wrap!!

….Post production starts now.

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