I had a story to tell and I turned it into a screenplay.

Between sending it to friends, family and fellow writers for feedback and criticism, I’ve written something that I am proud of and want to share it with the world: a wide audience.

It was hard enough finding my voice as a writer, but now I’m faced with the bigger struggle of bringing my film to life.

The first step I took was to contact some talented friends and people I’ve worked with to play various roles on my production team. I felt like a glorified salesman and less like an artist, but the joy at finding that people wanted to be a part of my project negated those feelings.

When other people are passionate about my work, I feel like a winner. I don’t exactly know what I’ve won, but I feel like one nonetheless.

But lately, I’ve felt like I’m running a marathon with no end in sight. This is probably because I’m playing the roles of writer, producer, director, marketing agent, casting director, and production coordinator.

Oh, wait… That’s just an independent filmmaker.

The kind of prep work alone that goes into the pre-production process is a bear. I managed to secure 75% of my shooting locations and I am holding an audition for high school students this Wednesday (which I will certainly be posting about). I have a few crewmembers working on equipment costs for the shoot and I’ve been working on the budget for weeks.

Did I mention that I am preparing a kickstarter for this project?  To be an independent filmmaker, I’ve had to learn how to balance art with business. It’s a learning process, and even if I fail this time around, I’ve learned A LOT… Regardless, let’s hope I don’t fail.


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My short film is a coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of intolerance and bullying.

Just because a certain group isn’t targeted on the front page of every news site, doesn’t mean it isn’t present.

This is exactly what inspired my short film, “Uncovering Eden”, which follows a young girl named Edie [ee-dee] as she grows up in one of the most challenging environments of her life; high school.

Bullies, cliques: the cost of high school royalty. High school embodies almost every social struggle imaginable.

But we’ve all been there or will be there. And amidst all of the peer pressure and embarrassing moments, we also discover who we are.

But what does that mean for our main character, Edie?

Bullies pressure 16-year-old Edie to choose between her crush and her Jewish identity, but there is a cost Edie does not anticipate -- and cannot undo.

More information to come!!